The ability to question and think, nurtured through the study of Philosophy,are increasingly sought in high growth sectors such as technology.

The goal of Philosophy is to improve our understanding of the world and how we should live in it. Philosophers - like all wise people - are concerned to answer questions about truth and value, about what's real and what's important. But Philosophy isn't just the love of wisdom. Philosophy is also the love of thinking critically and creatively, of discussing intelligently and of arguing cogently. And these are skills that can be applied to almost any issue in almost any context.

Where Philosophy graduates work

Philosophy graduates are found wherever there is a need for their skills, particularly in analysis, policy advice or research roles across the private and public sectors, the creative sector and non-governmental organisations.

An area of ongoing high demand is the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and apps by software and technology companies. With the exponential growth of the internet, cyber security organisations are looking to other disciplines for people with strong analytical and diagnostic skills and the ability to work methodically.

Academic positions are highly competitive and require at least a PhD of good quality, together with developed research interests and a record of publication. Teaching, at the primary or secondary level, will require an additional qualification along with teaching subjects such as maths, sciences, languages, history or geography for secondary teaching.

Philosophy graduates can also be found in journalism, content development, communications or public relations.

Skills Philosophy students develop

Philosophy graduates have typically developed the following transferable skills to a high level:

  • analytical
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • decision-making
  • communication
  • influencing
  • research

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