Victoria Plus Programme

Victoria Plus is the University’s service and leadership development programme. Give back to your community and gain skills that will impress employers.

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This free programme is open to all current students enrolled in a degree or postgraduate qualification. It must be completed while you are studying at Victoria.


You’ll be joining a community of more than 1,500 Victoria Plus students at the University. You can make connections with other students, employers and people in the not-for-profit sector across Wellington.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop leadership, social responsibility and employability skills. By participating you’ll gain valuable experience, broaden your thinking and learning, and reflect on your self-development.

Completion of the Victoria Plus programme is formally acknowledged on your academic transcript. Noting it on your CV will help you stand out in competitive job markets.

The programme

You can tailor the programme to suit your schedule, studies and interests. You complete three different components.

Extracurricular activities

Work with representative groups, clubs and student support services on campus or with not-for-profit organisations in the Wellington region that have been pre-approved by the Victoria Plus office. Victoria has many opportunities to get involved on campus.

Personal and professional development

Attend a range of workshops and seminars on leadership and social responsibility,and personal and career development.

Two achievement levels

It’s a good idea to do the Certificate first and use it as a starting point for the Award, but you can do either achievement on its own.

Victoria Plus Certificate

The Certificate is an introductory programme which you can complete in 6-12 months. It’s ideal if you're studying at Victoria for one year or if you have a limited time for extracurricular activities. The Certificate can be achieved at any time while you’re studying at Victoria.

Victoria Plus Award

Aim for the Award if you’re prepared to show outstanding commitment to leadership, volunteering and developing professional and life skills over at least two years. It is awarded when your degree or postgraduate qualification is granted.