Victoria International Leadership Programme

If you’re interested in other countries and cultures, and keen to kickstart an internationally focused career, VILP is an ideal way to get involved at Victoria.

The Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) is a free, self-paced, extracurricular programme aimed at enhancing degree study and making participants more globally aware.

It is designed to develop your leadership potential, advance your knowledge, build your global competency and enable you to think critically about the leadership challenges in world affairs. It also creates opportunities for international experiences and global connections.

Upon completion of VILP, your participation will be noted on your academic transcript alongside your formal qualifications, and a final certificate awarded.

Participating in VILP will enable you to:

  • enhance your knowledge and awareness of other countries and cultures
  • learn more about key challenges facing the world
  • network with people and organisations in international leadership roles
  • join in a global forum of ideas and activities
  • take advantage of the international discourse circulating in Wellington, the political and cultural capital of New Zealand.

To complete VILP you are required to participate in three areas:

  • Seminars: complete 12 seminars (some compulsory, others elective) and submit reflective feedback for each
  • Speaker Events: attend five speaker events and submit reflective feedback for each
  • Experiential Activities: gain 200 points of experiential activities that are international in nature.

The Victoria International Leadership Programme is self-paced and self-directed. It was originally designed to be completed over the course of an undergraduate degree, normally three years. However, there is not a specified timeframe within which you must complete the three components, as long as the requirements for each of the components are fulfilled by the end of your current degree or before your current degree is conferred so that it can be added to the final academic transcript.

You can apply to join VILP online. You should also read the information for participants, which will give you useful information to know when you join.

Pasifika VILP graduates

VILP is an ideal stepping stone for students of all backgrounds to prepare for an international career.

In 2015, VILP celebrated its first group of Pasifika students graduating from the programme, proving no matter how small, every nation has a role to play in global affairs.