Terms and conditions

The terms of the declaration that you must agree to when applying to Victoria.


  1. The information set out in this application and supporting documents is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I withhold information or provide false or misleading information my enrolment may be declined or terminated.
  2. I understand that I will not be admitted into the course or programme for which I have applied:
    • unless my application complies with the University's admission and enrolment requirements and relevant qualification regulations; and
    • until any conditions advised by the University have been satisfied.
  3. I agree that upon acceptance of an offer of study or place in any course or programme:
  4. I understand and accept that, once my University email address is active, it will become the University’s primary means of communicating with me and that email communication to that address will amount to written notice to me. I undertake to check my University email address on a regular basis.
  5. I understand that the University may amend course and programme offerings, fees, levies, statutes, policies and regulations without notice.
  6. I understand that the University will not be liable to me for any loss damage, or cost of any kind that I may suffer or incur as a result of my enrolment, study or activities at Victoria University.
  7. I understand that the information I provide is being collected for the purposes described in, and will be used in accordance with, the University’s Privacy Notice.

Additional terms for doctoral students only

  • I give permission to have my expression of research interest statement and writing sample analysed by plagiarism detection systems operated and/or licensed by the University.
  • I understand that meeting the minimum entry criteria does not guarantee me a place at the University, and if my application is declined, the University may not be required to provide reasons.
  • I understand that my name and details of any scholarships that I may be awarded may be published.

International students only

  • I understand that I must meet the requirements of Immigration New Zealand to study in New Zealand.
  • I authorise Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to provide the University with any personal details regarding my immigration status, including any information that I have submitted to Immigration New Zealand in the course of any visa or permit application.
  • I further agree that the University may supply personal information to Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment where the University considers the information relevant to my immigration status.
  • I understand that I must notify the University of any change in my contact details, accommodation type, residential address or immigration status.
  • I authorise the University to forward to their preferred insurance provider, and their insurance broker, personal details that are relevant to my insurance cover, including my name, date of birth, gender, student ID number, enrolment status and type, date of cover and amount paid. Further information about the preferred University travel and health insurance option for international students, the cover and rates, can be found on the Victoria International website.

I am aware of the tuition and living costs associated with studying in the course or programme and I am able to meet all expenses (including medical expenses) for the duration of my study. I understand that if I am unable to meet these costs, the University and the New Zealand Government will not be expected to help me.