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Chinese Scholars' Studio

Discover Chinese-New Zealand cultural history through various activities, such as printing with our unique collection of newly restored Chinese heritage types.

Opening in 2017, the Chinese Scholars’ Studio will showcase unique Chinese–New Zealand initiatives. Hamish Beattie, a PhD candidate in Architecture, in collaboration with Daniel K. Brown, Reader in Architecture, at Victoria, has created compelling designs that bridge the rich history of the Chinese community in Wellington and letterpress printing with new materials and technologies. The studio concept includes an adjacent exhibition area as well as a modest outdoor garden, seamlessly stitching Wai-te-ata Press into a new tapestry of intercultural communication.

The Chinese Scholars’ Studio and Heritage Type project is supported by donations from the Chan family, the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust, the New Zealand China Friendship Society and the Dominion Federation of New Zealand Chinese Commercial Growers.

Should you wish to find out more about the project and its fundraising programme, please contact The Printer.

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WTA Press Chinese Heritage Types

Chinese heritage types

An overview of the history of the Chinese heritage types that were used to print The New Zealand Chinese Growers Journal (1952-1972).

WTA new projects

New projects

Find out more about the Wai-te-ata Press Chinese heritage type projects.

WTA image gallery

Restoration I: Examination

Take a look at what our heritage types are made of

Staff brush a galley tray of type with a soft-bristle brush

Restoration II: Sorting & Imaging

From crate to archive - sorting our heritage types

Wai-te-ata team enjoy a typesetting demostration by Mr. Wu of Letterpress Teahouse

Our research journey

The Wai-te-ata team visit Taiwan and Hong Kong in search of answers to our Chinese heritage type research questions