Pasifika at Vic

In the Eye of the Storm
Pacific Climate Change Conference 2016

Conference programme

Monday 15 February

State of the World: The Climate Situation in the Pacific

Time Description and location
7.30am Registration opens
Maclaurin Lecture Theatre 103, Victoria University, Kelburn Campus
8.30am Powhiri, prayer and official welcome
9.05am Marama by The Conch
9.15am Keynote address: Kiribati President Anote Tong
Current crises and future trajectories
10.15am Panel session 1—Post-COP21 analysis: What does COP21 mean for the Pacific?

Panel session 2—Water crises: Too much, too little and the wider ecological effects

Panel session 3—Climate change, empire and the militarisation of the Pacific
11.15am Morning tea
11.30am Panel session 4—Community crises: How climate change is affecting population movements

Panel session 5—Climate change as colonisation: What does it mean to decolonise climate change politics in the Pacific?

Panel session 6—How climate change is intersecting with financial and economic crisis
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Keynote address: Professor James Renwick and Professor Tim Naish
The latest climate change science: Long and short-term implications for the Pacific
2.30pm Panel session 7—Oil, fracking and fossil fuel dependency in the Pacific

Panel session 8—Land crises

Panel session 9—West Papua and climate crises
3.30pm Afternoon tea
4pm Panel session 10—Corporate control of climate politics

Panel session 11—Social and ecological impacts

Panel session 12—Effects on gender rights, education and justice
5pmConference day one close
7-9pmFree public lecture (optional). Seats are limited, please RSVP to reserve your seat.
What does resilience look like in the Pacific in a post-COP21 era?
Memorial Theatre, Student Union Building

Tuesday 16 February

State of the World: The Political-Economy of Climate Crises

Time Description and location
8.45am Day two welcome
Maclaurin Lecture Theatre 103
9am Keynote address: Dayle Takitimu
Colonisation, capitalism and climate crises in the Pacific
10am Panel session 13—Climate refugees, differential impacts and climate justice

Panel session 14—Green technologies: real hopes or false solutions?

Panel session 15—Sustainable agriculture, carbon sinks and the politics of just transitions
11am Morning tea
11.30am Panel session 16—Neoliberalism, the TPPA and climate change in the Pacific

Panel session 17—Critical education for climate justice

Panel session 18—Religious perspectives on climate justice
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Keynote address: Bill McKibben (video) and Koreti Tiumalu
Pacific climate activism and climate crises
2.30pm Panel session 19—Youth role and perspective

Panel session 20—Media as an influencer

Panel session 21—Re-weaving resistance: Building a pan-Pacific climate justice movement
3.30pm Afternoon tea
4pm Panel session 22—The power of art in Pacific climate justice movements

Panel session 23—The psychological dimensions of climate politics

Panel session 24—The role of the law in reinforcing and addressing climate crises
5pmConference day two close
6.30pmPasifika-style dinner (optional, $60pp, registration required)

Wednesday 17 February

Looking Ahead: The Future of Climate Politics

Time Description and location
8.45am Day three welcome
9am Keynote address: Rod Oram and Professor Will Steffen
Climate policy in the Pacific: Political challenges and corporate capture
10am Panel session 25—Where to from here? Political challenges and possibilities

Panel session 26—Can business be sustainable?

Panel session 27—The future of alternative energy and economics
11am Morning tea
11.30am Panel session 28—The future of climate action: From boardrooms to the streets

Panel session 29—Low-carbon and renewable energy possibilities

Panel session 30—The future of building pan-Pacific mass climate movements
1.30pmKeynote address: Kosi Latu
The next steps
2.30pmOpen forum discussion facilitated by Professor James Renwick and Dr Pala Molisa
3.30pmSolo O Le Va by Susana Lei'ataua
3.40pmConference conclusion and acknowledgements
4pmConference close