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Centre for Academic Development (CAD)

  1. login to Blackboard with your normal user name/password
  2. scroll to the bottom of your course lists to check if you can already see the “Digital Learning and Teaching Support Site” organisation. If you can, click on it to access the site
  3. if you cannot see the link, click on the Community tab in the green header (top right)
  4. enter "Digital Learning" into the search box located in the top right section of the page and click Go This will bring up a page with the VBS-DLT organization
  5. move the mouse next to the VBS-DLT to see a down-pointing arrow - the options menu
  6. click on the arrow and select Enroll

you will be taken to the organization and it will also be added to My Organizations on your My Blackboard page.

Successful innovations

Assurance of learning and assessment

Learning and teaching workshops

Learning and teaching publications

Bloom's taxonomy

Further resources available on the VBS website

Writing skills

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