Assurance of Learning

Our Assurance of Learning processes have been developed to produce continuous improvement of our degrees and programmes.

Victoria Business School has developed its Assurance of Learning (AoL) processes in line with the 2013 AACSB Business Accrediation Standards and Accounting Accreditation Standards, with the aim of producing continuous improvement of our degree programmes.

These pages provide an explanation of our AoL system, as well as key resources that you will need for conducting an AoL exercise, including:

Further useful resources include workshop slides, writing style guides, teaching and learning project reports and funding application forms, and links to a host of useful websites and resources to help with developing our collective Teaching & Learning expertise.

The website and resources are subject to change as we adopt the principles of continuous improvement ourselves, and we welcome your enquiries and suggestions for improvements.


These two PDFs are specific to the Bachelor of Commerce degree:


Writing skills


Curriculum maps*

*Curriculum Maps for all majors in the BCom degree are in the process of being updated. This reflects both a new set of Business Accreditation standards adopted by AACSB in 2013 (standard 15 in these maps refers to the 2003 Standards) and the need to accommodate a VUW Graduate Profile that was finalised in 2014. Schools are also in the process of reviewing Major Attributes and Course Learning Objectives. Any questions should be referred to the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) Chris Eichbaum.