Student clubs at Victoria Business School

Make the most of your experience at Victoria Business School through involvement in student clubs and competitions, and extra-curricular programmes.

Participating in clubs at Victoria Business School is a great way to make friends, extend yourself outside the lecture theatre, and make your student experience more rewarding.

Business and Investment Club

Business and Investment Club (BIC) is a student organisation at Victoria University of Wellington, founded in early 2012, to provide a network for students interested in business, entrepreneurship, and investment.

Our main goal is to help you kick-start your own small business and investment, share experience among our members and network with successful entrepreneurs and investors at guest speaker events.

If you're keen to be a member don't hesitate to sign-up, membership fees are cheap and there are heaps of great events for students to enjoy.

Ngā Taura Umanga—Māori Commerce Students Association

Nga Taura Umanga is a Māori student group for commerce students.

Ngā Taura Umanga, the Māori students’ Commerce association, play a key role in developing strong relationships between Māori students, staff and alumni.

We organise social and networking events, participate in national hui, and have access to scholarships and other information that will encourage and assist you along your path as a Māori in the business world.


SavY aims to promote good financial habits in all youth, regardless of their background or aspirations in life. We are made up of an enthusiastic management team and a committed group of facilitators, whose mission is to kick start a lifetime of sound-money management skills in young people.

To achieve this, SavY runs run free, hour-long financial literacy workshops in secondary schools around Wellington. The workshops are fun and interactive as two trained facilitators conduct them, who are students currently studying at University. SavY is entirely for youth, by youth!

Victoria Business Consulting Club

Victoria Business Consulting Club host a range of events and competitions for students of all academic backgrounds.

Our events are focused around developing student's key business skills and providing networking opportunities with some of New Zealand's leading industry professionals.

The Business Case Competitions are our headline events, where students work in small teams to provide firms with innovative solutions that address real business problems and opportunities.

These local competitions are a lot of fun and serve as a way to select teams to compete in the SDS National competitions against other New Zealand Universities.

Victoria Entrepreneurship Collective

The Victoria Entrepreneurship Collective is run by Viclink to bring together all aspects of entrepreneurship at Victoria University of Wellington.

The Entrepreneurship Collective runs interactive workshops, facilitates mentoring programmes, hosts and speaking events.

Victoria University Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an honours organisation for students of Information Systems, Finance and Accounting. It was founded in the US in 1919 and has over 300 chapters spanning the United States and Oceania, involving over 300,000 students and alumni. Beta Alpha Psi at Victoria University of Wellington is currently open to both undergraduate and graduate students meeting the membership requirements.

An enthusiastic executive keen to start organising ‘official events’ was formed in March 2013, and the official launch of Beta Alpha Psi in August 2013 marked the start of formally recruiting members.

Victoria University Commerce Students’ Society

The Victoria University of Wellington Commerce Students’ Society (VicCom) is the official representative body for Victoria Business School students.

VicCom was created to enhance and assist the experience of business students, and its administrators and elected student volunteers represent the different schools in the Commerce Faculty. As well as the serious stuff, VicCom also like to have a lot of fun, supporting and organising social events including the Commerce Ball, quiz evenings, steins, and BBQ lunches.

The organisation focuses on five main areas: Education, Career Development, Social Interaction, Representation, and Promoting an Image. VicCom also works with VicCareers to bring commerce students invaluable educational events and career development to find that first rung on the career ladder.

Victoria Women in Business

​The inspiration for Victoria Women in Business came off the back of our founder's year on exchange in Milan, Italy. While studying at one of the best business schools in Europe among exchange students from equally prestigious universities worldwide, she realised Victoria University of Wellington was missing a club. All her peers were members of Women in Business clubs at their home universities. Why not at Victoria University of Wellington?

Upon her return to Wellington and a discussion with her friend (our vice president and member of Victoria alumni), they realised the value of such a club. The girls wanted their peers to feel empowered, knowledgeable, connected and ready for the workplace upon graduation.

Holding networking, speaker and panel events for members and alumni, Victoria Women in Business allows students to meet and greet the inspirational and influential women in the Wellington community. The club is all-inclusive: we invite members from all degree specialties to find out more about the careers and women in their chosen field.

Victoria University of Wellington's Women in Business was founded in April 2017. We've been growing ever since.