Postgraduate study at Victoria Business School

Victoria Business School offers a wide range of graduate and postgraduate programmes covering numerous subjects.

Postgraduate study options

The Faculty offers a wide variety of graduate and postgraduate programmes, excellent facilities and top-level research supervision in a wide range of subjects.

The Faculty also offers a number of post-experience programmes that are designed to accommodate students who may not already have a degree but who do have a considerable amount of relevant, high level, professional work experience.

Graduate Certificates

A Graduate Certificate is a short qualification (60 points), open to graduates but studied at undergraduate level; see more at the School websites:

Graduate Diplomas

A Graduate Diploma is designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree and would like to add an area of specialisation to their study. Courses for a Graduate Diploma are typically at 200- or 300-level, but may sometimes be at 400- or 500-level (Master's study).

The Graduate Diploma in Commerce is available in most commerce subject areas.

Postgraduate Certificates

A Postgraduate Certificate is a short qualification (60 points), that is studied at Master's Level. Most of our Postgraduate Certificates can lead to further study in either a Postgraduate Diploma or Master's Degree.

View the following qualifications on school websites

Postgraduate Diplomas

A Postgraduate Diploma is designed for graduates who wish to further their study in a particular area. Study is at 500-level (Master's study); a Postgraduate Diploma can often lead on to a Master's degree.

For more information about admission to the different diplomas, please consult the individual page.

Honours level study

Honours level study is available after completion of an undergraduate degree. Victoria Business School offers Honours level study for both the BCom and BTM, which can lead to Master's degrees in both Commerce and Tourism Management. To find out more about our Honours programmes, use the following links:

Master's level study

The Master of Commerce can be taken either full time or part time, with two options:

There are also other Master's programmes offered by our Schools. See further information available through the links below: