Overseas exchange opportunities

Students can complete part of their degree overseas, while paying normal Victoria tuition fees, through the student exchange programme.

Going on an exchange through Victoria Abroad means you are able to study for Victoria credit during your stay at the host university, and the exchange can be for one or two trimesters depending on how well it fits into your degree.

Undergraduate students studying in the Faculty of Commerce can apply for an Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship, and there are also postgraduate exchange opportunities in most areas of study.

Learn to have global conversation

A global viewpoint will diversify your values and challenge your perception of the world. You may not be able to speak the same language as your classmates, but you will know how to speak business. You will gain a broad and sophisticated worldview and an understanding of how to speak to business trends globally.

Gain skills employers look for

Increasingly employers are looking for candidates who have international experience. By involving yourself in an exchange programme with people from diverse backgrounds and countries, you will cultivate nuanced leadership skills. It will be easier for you to understand multiple perspectives and collaborate to solve multi-national challenges.

Develop your leadership skills

By spending time in a different country, staying in a hall of residence, and attending classes with people from around the world, you are learning cross-cultural communications skills. Participation in an exchange programme demonstrates resilience, the ability to adapt and change in new situations, and lead a team with empathy.

Immerse yourself in a country with a different currency and economy

Understand how different economic structures, policies and regulations impact business. Global markets are shifting, and living in a country with a growing, different, or emerging economy will teach you how to respond quickly to evolving markets in the global sector.