Commerce study and careers

Why choose Victoria Business School for your commerce degree? View the study options available and the career pathways they lead into.

Commerce is one of the world’s moving forces, shaping societies and connecting people around the globe. Wherever people are at work, in public office or private business, they depend on business, financial, and managerial expertise to keep their world in motion.

Victoria Business School’s Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) programme benefits from its location in the nation's administrative hub. The Faculty is housed at the Pipitea Campus in the central business district, across the road from Parliament.

Along with our own teaching staff, we use the expertise of professionals working at the highest levels of business and government. Wellington’s private and public sector organisations provide a wealth of research opportunities.

Victoria Business School is not just about commerce – you can choose a Tourism Management major that will help you on your journey towards a senior role in this exciting, diverse and growing industry.

In today's competitive global markets, innovative, high-value tourism initiatives have reinforced New Zealand’s reputation as an industry leader – a degree focused on this area prepares graduates for positions of responsibility and management in the tourism industry, offering the specialist knowledge and practical skills that employers are looking for, locally and globally.

What will a commerce undergraduate degree mean for me?

You can increase the odds of finding a well-paying career by getting a commerce qualification.

A commerce undergraduate degree gives you skills that will enable you to succeed in any situation in any area of your life, is an investment in your future, and the journey really is a lot of fun!

What skills will I learn?

Studying an undergraduate degree will provide you with the following:

  • the ability to apply critical and creative thinking skills to practical and theoretical problems
  • the ability to share your ideas with others by being an effective communicator
  • a global and multicultural perspective
  • the ability to recognise, support and display leadership skills
  • finally, you will have developed specific knowledge and skills relating to your degree – for example in one business area, economics or public policy, tourism management, or information systems.

Careers for commerce graduates

Commerce graduates are able to transfer the skills they acquire across many sectors and may become managers, accountants, economists, analysts and entrepreneurs in businesses and public sector organisations both within New Zealand and overseas.

They can become financiers, marketing managers, researchers, econometricians, financial advisers, managers of Māori enterprises and trusts, exporters and importers, Human Resource managers, tourism analysts and operators, information management and e-commerce specialists, international managers, media professionals and policy analysts.

Degrees offered within Victoria Business School are designed to provide a broad educational foundation as well as developing specialist skills in your chosen major or majors. Employers value the breadth and flexibility of skills in thinking, communication and developing a global perspective that our programmes can provide.

Career planning and support

  • Vic Careers is Victoria University of Wellington's career specialist and also hosts Careers in Focus seminars and Career Expos that allow you to explore career opportunities and establish valuable networks. Vic Careers is in contact with over 700 employers every year, many of these employers advertise part-time, holiday and graduate jobs on Victoria CareerHub.

The Career View page provides information about career opportunities in a number of disciplines, with example profiles from some of our University graduates.