Find answers to commonly asked questions about graduation at Victoria Business School.

Applying to graduate

Once you've completed your qualification and the Faculty Student Advisers have carried out the final audit, you'll be sent an email about how to apply for graduation - so make sure your email address details are current on myVictoria.

You can apply to graduate in person at a graduation ceremony, or in absentia at a meeting of the University Council. You must do so within 12 months of completing your qualification otherwise your qualification will be granted in absentia.

Graduation ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are held two times during the year—in May and December.

If you complete your qualification at the end of the second trimester, you would normally graduate in the May ceremonies of the following year. If you complete at the end of the first trimester, you would normally graduate in the December ceremonies.

If you wish, you can apply to graduate at a subsequent ceremony as long as it is within 12 months of completing your qualification.

Advance graduation

Some students who complete a qualification at the end of the year can graduate at the December ceremonies of the same year. This is called advance graduation. The following students are eligible for advance graduation:

  • international students returning home
  • students leaving the country to take up a scholarship exchange or internship overseas - supporting documentation must be provided
  • PhD and Master's students
  • all Māori students who have declared themselves as such on the student records system and wish to attend the Toihuarewa Faculty graduation at the Michael Fowler Centre. (Note: students are also eligible to attend Hui Whakapūmau - a celebration organised separately by the Marae)
  • students facing exceptional circumstances – a written application outlining your circumstances must be made to the Manager, Student and Academic Services.

To apply for advance graduation, fill in the advance graduation application form and take it to the Faculty Student and Academic Services Office. If your application is approved, you will be sent an email directing you to apply online for graduation through Student Records. You need to complete the online application by 1 October (at the very latest) for December ceremonies.

Please note that your application for advance graduation is conditional and subject to criteria being met in order for you to do so. These conditions will be explained in an email.

Students completing a qualification over the third or summer trimester and PhD and Master's students are also eligible to apply for advance graduation at one of the May ceremonies. You must follow the same processes as above and complete the application before 1 March.