Find answers to commonly asked questions about examinations at Victoria Business School.

If you are enrolled in a course with a final examination, then you have an obligation to be available to sit that examination at Victoria University at all times during the relevant examination period.

Help at final assessment and exam time

There is help available if you’re feeling unwell or are facing serious personal circumstances in the lead up to exams or final assessment due dates. Contact the faculty office to discuss your options or find out more about what help is available at final assessment or exam time.

No Student ID?

If you have lost or misplaced your Student ID, a driver's licence or passport can be used instead. If you do not have either of these, you will be escorted at the end of the exam to the Examination Coordinator to fill out an ID verification form.

Dictionary use

Dictionary use in examinations is only permitted for students where English is not their first language. Dictionaries must be bilingual and paper based (i.e not electronic). Eligible students for Faculty of Commerce exams should take their dictionary to the examination, and it will be inspected at the beginning of the examination.

For other faculties, written permission is needed and the student should contact their faculty examination coordinator.

Sitting an examination out of time or place

It is possible to sit an examination at a different time or place only under exceptional circumstances, and these will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. An application form must be completed at least 21 days prior to the examination date, except in emergencies. Independent documentation must be provided in all cases.

Application forms are available from the Examination Coordinator.

What do I do if I miss my examination?

If you miss your examination due to illness you need to see Student Health as soon as you can. They will wither organise an alternative time to sit your examination or help you apply for an Aegrotat.

If you miss your examination for any other reason you need to contact the Faculty Examination Coordinator.

Reconsideration of an assessment

If you think that the mark or grade you have been given for a piece of work or examination is unfair or has been incorrectly calculated, you should contact the relevant School Office in the first instance.

Requests should be made within two weeks of the result being available, except for final examinations where the following deadlines apply:

  • Trimester 1 courses: 31 August
  • Trimester 2 courses: 31 January
  • Trimester 3 courses: 30 April

Examination scripts and other assessments

You can collect your examination script and other assessments from the relevant school following the reconsideration deadline (see above) for a period of up to one month. After this all documents are destroyed.

After a script has been returned to you it cannot be reconsidered.

If you are thinking of asking for a reconsideration or wish to see the script before collection is allowed, then you can ask permission from the school to read the script and the marking guide in a supervised environment. Alternatively, you can ask for a copy of the work and the marking guide from the school.