Admission and enrolment

Find answers to commonly asked questions about admission and enrolment at Victoria Business School.


Everything you need to know about enrolment is available on Victoria's 'Apply to Enrol' pages. This includes information on admissions, documentation required, the steps to apply and Victoria's online enrolment system.

Student and Academic Services can help with specific enquiries regarding selection of Commerce courses. You can enrol for most courses online.

You cannot enrol online if

  • You are an international student moving from pre-degree to undergraduate, or from undergraduate to postgraduate study
  • you are applying for an exchange programme
  • you are applying for thesis-based study.

More information is available on the 'Apply to Enrol' pages, or contact the Enrolment Office:

Phone: 0800-VICTORIA or 0800-842 864

Physical Address:
Level 1
Hunter Building
Kelburn Parade

How do I enrol in an Honours or MCom degree?

For a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) or a Master of Commerce degree you should initially contact the postgraduate programme coordinator in the relevant School.

How do I enrol in a professional programme?

For enrolment in any professional programme such as the Executive Master of Business Administration; Master of Public Policy/Master of Public Management/Master of e-Government; Master of Information Management/Master of Information Studies; Master of Applied Finance/Master of Professional Economics; or Master of Professional Accounting, you should initially contact Professional Programmes Recruitment Manager, Charlotte Deans. These programmes require extensive practical, professional or scholarly experience of an appropriate kind.

How do I enrol in a PhD thesis?

The Faculty of Graduate Research (FGR) provides the first port of call for all students interested in enrolling in a PhD at Victoria; their website provides application forms, details of available funding, application dates, and answers to a host of questions. The three application deadlines are 1 March, 1 July and 1 November. If your application arrives after one of these cut-off points, it will be considered at the next available application round.

Adding/withdrawing courses

How do I add or withdraw from a course?

You may be able to add or drop courses via the University's website. Otherwise, fill in a Course Add/Drop form from Student and Academic Services on the ground floor of Rutherford House (Pipitea), or in Murphy 209 (Kelburn). If you are adding a course after the start of the trimester in which the course is offered, then you will need to get the course coordinator to sign you in; otherwise, no signature is needed. Just take the form to the Student and Academic Services Office.

How long have I got to add a course?

Courses may not be added after the end of the second week of a trimester (unless in exceptional circumstances). However, that does not mean that you are free to add courses at any time during the first two weeks. Once classes have started, you need the permission of the course coordinator and the Associate Dean. As a general rule, you should add courses by the end of the first week.

How long have I got to withdraw from a course?

Courses may be dropped with a full fees refund at any time during the first two weeks of a regular trimester (special dates apply in the summer trimester). After that, you are free to withdraw from a course taught over 12 weeks without having the course recorded as a fail (but without fees refund) until the end of the ninth week of classes. If you are withdrawing by means of a Course Add/Drop form, no signatures are needed.

Once the ninth week is over, withdrawals are possible only with the permission of the Associate Dean (Students) and if certain conditions are met. You can download a Late Withdrawal Form or pick one up from Student and Academic Services and return it there when you have filled it in.

What do I do if I have been waitlisted?

Wait! When the School is ready to admit waitlisted students, an email will be sent to students instructing them to add the course by means of a Course Add/Drop form.

Students must bring along a copy of the email to the Student and Academic Services offices.

May I sit in on courses without being enrolled until I make my mind up?

Students who are not registered for a course are not entitled to attend lectures. However, if space permits, then the lecturer may allow you to be present during the first two weeks until you decide whether to add the course.

AC status does not mean that you are registered; this shows that you were offered a place but have not yet returned your Offer of Study. Until you do so, you are not registered.

Degree planning and advice

How do I plan a degree?

You can get course advice from Student Recruitment & Course Advice or from one of our VBS student advisors. The Associate Dean (Students) is also available to help with course planning.

How do I tell how many more points I need for my degree?

This is called a degree audit. To audit your degree yourself, you can either complete a self-audit by using MyDegree or ask your Student Adviser to audit your degree(s) for you. They do this automatically mid-way through the year for all final year students, and then again at the end of the year of completion.

How do I change my degree or major?

You may be eligible to change your degree or major online through Student Records—but you may wish to discuss your options first with a Student Adviser or the Associate Dean (Students). For some courses you may need to get a Course Add/Drop form from Student and Academic Services.

How do I apply for credit transfer?

To apply for recognition of study at other tertiary institutions towards your Victoria University qualification, download and complete the Application for Transfer of Credit form and bring it to Student and Academic Services with proof of your studies. You will need to provide:

  • An original or certified copy of your academic transcript, and
  • original or certified copy of your Certificate of Completion (for completed qualification only).

How do I apply for an exemption from course prerequisite / degree regulation?

If you are applying for exemption from a prerequisite or corequisite, download and complete an Application for Exemption form, and take this to the relevant course coordinator for approval. Then send or deliver the form to Student and Academic Services for processing. If you are applying for an exemption from a specific course requirement, or permission to substitute an approved course, you can simply take the completed form to Student and Academic Services.