Research news at Victoria Business School

A snapshot of recent research at Victoria Business School.

Unlocking Asia

Professor Siah Hwee Ang works with New Zealand businesses, educating them about how to get into – and stay competitive in – Asian markets.

Should corporations have human rights?

Dr Jonathan Barrett, from the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, has looked at the proposition that human rights belong to people and not corporations.

Re-thinking organised criminality

Organised criminality today is active through relatively inaccessible areas of the internet, says Professor John Brocklesby.

Applying accounting to carbon emissions

The role accounting plays in bringing about a lower-carbon future is the subject of research by Dr Binh Bui from the School of Accounting and Commercial Law.

The World IT Project finds New Zealand base at Victoria

Victoria Business School researchers are leading New Zealand's involvement in a landmark, worldwide research project into the IT industry.

Providing a voice on copyright issues

The voice of the Asia Pacific region on copyright issues is growing thanks to the efforts of Associate Professor Susan Corbett.

Go big, be consistent: Capturing the full value of your brand

It's a hard game pitching products into big retailers and encouraging consumers to see the extra value in a premium product.

Tourism funding model needs changing for biodiversity’s sake

The Department of Conservation is subsidising the tourism sector, which needs to be reversed for the preservation of protected areas says Dr Valentina Dinica.

From Dickens to data science

Research analysing characters and their networks in literary texts is enabling interaction with the dynamic character networks for all 15 of Dickens works.

Tapping into the Muslim market

With the number of Muslims worldwide growing to more than one billion, marketers are clamouring to tap into this potentially lucrative market.

Taking armchair travel to new heights

Victoria Business School researcher Dr Christian Schott is experimenting with technology that enables students to travel without leaving the comforts of home.

Synthetic control method analyses effects of medical marijuana laws

Analysis using a state-of-the-art synthetic control method has allowed researcher Dr Luke Chu to estimate the effects of medical marijuana laws in US cities.