Welcome from the Dean

An introduction from Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Victoria Business School, Professor Ian O. Williamson.

Professor Ian O. Williamson, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce, Victoria Business School
Our mission is to "... create and share knowledge … to develop capability and provide a global perspective"

Universities are one of the most influential organisations in society—with this impact comes a responsibility to engage with our community, on both a local and global level, in order to enhance societal well-being. In that context, Victoria Business School is committed to being a mechanism of social impact.

We need to focus on developing innovative solutions to intractable social issues—a crucial means of achieving that is by conducting world-class research that forms the basis for innovative community interventions.

Victoria Business School is committed to creating an environment that develops innovations which enhance organisational and community outcomes. This includes conducting world-class research on the cutting edge issues faced by commercial, government and civic society leaders. Drawing on this research we are able to support the development of new businesses, enhance the skills of the workforce, guide the development of innovations in Government and support capability development in civil society.

We are also leaders in innovation in the way we teach. At Victoria Business School we combine rigorous academic training with application-based learning, a combination allows students to develop both sound conceptual skills and strong professional behaviours that are critical to their performance in the workplace. We also draw upon technology to provide our students with cutting edge experiences—one example which has garnered international attention is our virtual reality-based tourism teaching and resource tool which offers a digital immersion fieldtrip experience.

Victoria Business School embraces its presence in the dynamic city of Wellington and the broader Asia-Pacific region. We are proud to have a range of innovative partnerships with the entrepreneurship community in Wellington through business incubators such as Creative HQ, as well as with a number of technology companies.

Our strong relationship with New Zealand central government is exemplified by the spectrum of government departments and agencies engaging with our Professorial Chairs. We also have a range of partnerships with universities, government agencies and corporations across the Asia-Pacific region, creating a diverse and exciting study body.

All of these factors have created a group of graduates who are second to none. We pride ourselves on an alumni who can consider economic opportunity from a holistic perspective, taking into account governance, commercial and civic perspectives. This skill has helped them succeed at the highest level in all walks of life, both in New Zealand and internationally.

Enjoy browsing through our website, and please feel welcome to contact our staff with any further questions.

Professor Ian O. Williamson
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce
Victoria Business School