Minister of Finance introduces students to the Wellbeing Budget

High school students from Wellington and Auckland were welcomed to Victoria Business School in June to hear from the Minister of Finance Hon. Grant Robertson.

Grant Robertson presenting to high school students on the 2019 budget.

The Minister gave the crowd of Year 12 and 13 students a presentation on the 2019 budget, discussing the Government’s key priorities and what makes the first ‘Wellbeing Budget’ unique.

Following the Minister’s address, students were invited to ask questions about the budget and the wider economy. There were a range of questions covering topics such as Fees Free, budget priorities, housing, the emissions trading scheme, and the labour market.

In closing, the Minister said that while he believes the budget will better the lives of New Zealanders it can’t drive wellbeing on its own.

“The budget can’t be the only thing that drives wellbeing. Wellbeing has to be driven by what every government agency does every day, but also by what happens in our business sector, our universities, and elsewhere,” said Minister Robertson.

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce Professor Ian Williamson said it was an excellent opportunity for the business school to once again host this event.

"It was a pleasure to welcome the Minister, along with students and their teachers, to Victoria Business School for the second year running. Providing students with a chance to interact with and question the Minister on the New Zealand economy is a valuable experience.

"This event is a perfect example of our aim as a business school, linking business, community and government.

"We are in a unique position where we can enable our students, alumni and staff to consider economic opportunities while simultaneously taking into account commercial, governance, and societal perspectives. It is great that we are able to expose our local schools to these same concerns."