Professor Vicky Mabin receives ORSNZ Hans Daellenbach Prize

Professor Vicky Mabin from the School of Management has been presented the Hans Daellenbach Award for her outstanding contributions to Operations Research (OR).

Dr Michael O’Sullivan and Professor Vicky Mabin
Dr Michael O’Sullivan, President of the ORSNZ (pictured, right), presents Professor Vicky Mabin with the ORSNZ Hans Daellenbach Award.

Professor Mabin was recently presented the ORSNZ Hans Daellenbach Award by Dr Michael J O’Sullivan, President of the ORSNZ. Dr O’Sullivan reflected on Professor Mabin’s career including comments from the ORSNZ Council, and her academic colleagues and students who supported her nomination.

The Hans Daellenbach Award was established by the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) to honour the considerable contributions of Emeritus Professor Hans Daellenbach to Operations Research/Management Science in New Zealand.

It is awarded to distinguished contributors of OR, for a body of work that combines strong innovative methodology with practical impact that has made a significant contribution and received international recognition.

Professor Mabin has been active as an academic in a variety of applied contexts for over 40 years, and received the award for her work in Applied OR across the spectrum of manufacturing, logistics, public sector decision making, health, education, and resource management.

In that time she has made significant contributions to Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC), and also to broader areas including Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis, Soft OR and Systems Thinking. Professor Mabin has also actively contributed to ORSNZ, of which she is a past president, and a Fellow of the UK-based Operational Research Society.

Many of Professor Mabin’s colleagues and students have commended her commitment to teaching and academic work. Professor Valerie Belton, University of Strathclyde, Scotland praised Professor Mabin’s impressive breadth of work, which provides both a conceptual and practical perspective.

“It is clear to see that she has been a pioneer of multi-methodology and mixing methods, having long sought to integrate ideas from Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints with both soft and hard OR methods in theory and in practice.”

Environmental management consultant Robyn Moore says Professor Mabin is committed to elevating success in organisations big and small, whether for profit or for cause.

“She proves the benefits of the specific TOC methodology, and OR in general, time and again. As one of her former students, I have learned to harness the power of TOC and use the findings to bring positive change in some significant community and environmental sustainability applications.”

Professor Mabin's publications include The World of the Theory of Constraints: A review of the international literature, the lead chapter on the Thinking Processes in the Theory of Constraints Handbook, and many journal articles on TOC, Multi-criteria Decision Analysis, and related areas.

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