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  • Commonly-used consumer contracts too complex

    A study co-authored by Associate Professor Samuel Becher from Victoria University of Wellington has shown the way in which online standard form contracts are drafted often makes them unreadable for the average consumer.

  • A China chip on New Zealand’s shoulder?

    It will be a difficult balancing act, but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern needs to arrest the downturn in New Zealand-China relations, writes Victoria University of Wellington Professor of Strategic Studies Robert Ayson.

  • Disability and poverty don’t have to be linked

    The median payment rate for disability-related allowances is almost three times higher in the United Kingdom than in New Zealand, writes Samuel Murray, who has a Master in Public Policy and is National Policy Coordinator for CCS Disability Action.

  • Drone registration is not the answer

    With drones disrupting everything from commercial flights to firefighting, aviation safety expert and PhD student Andrew Shelley argues for law changes to allow destruction of rogue drones and more resources to prosecute offenders.

  • Cap doesn’t fit for paid parental leave

    Maximum payments compare poorly both internationally and with ACC, so let's consider other options, writes Suzy Morrissey, a PhD student in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law.