Mission, vision and values

Read about Victoria Business School’s mission, vision statements and values.

Mission statement

Victoria Business School creates and shares knowledge of governance and management of resources in the public and private sectors to develop capability and provide our stakeholders with a global perspective.

Vision statement

Excellence at the nexus of research, teaching, and practice.

Victoria Business School values

Victoria Business School, as part of Victoria University of Wellington, values:

Our students and staff

  • By maintaining and protecting the academic freedom of our students and staff
  • by recognising that our most valuable assets are the specialist academic and professional knowledge and skills of our staff and the intellectual achievements of our students and staff
  • by fostering a community of learning involving all students and staff
  • by providing a supportive environment that will enable students and staff to develop to their full potential
  • by acting to ensure that all members of the University community are treated with respect and concern for their rights
  • by providing students and staff with the opportunity to be involved in the making of decisions that affect them.

Diversity and interdisciplinary scholarship

  • By pursuing equity in educational and employment opportunity
  • by promoting research, teaching and scholarship in Māori language, culture and history
  • by recognising, supporting and encouraging our multicultural community
  • by recognising, supporting and encouraging interdisciplinary scholarship.


  • In developing future teaching and learning opportunities
  • in the way we organise and manage the University
  • by being receptive to new and creative ideas.


  • By promoting the highest quality in teaching, scholarship and research
  • by embedding quality in all that we do.


  • By upholding the highest ethical and professional standards
  • by behaving in an open, honest and consistent way.