Jack Yan

Jack Yan conceived his idea for one of New Zealand’s first online publications, global fashion magazine Lucire, while studying at Victoria Business School.

Jack Yan, BCA(Hons) in Marketing. Image courtesy of Nikita Brown
Jack Yan, Internet publishing pioneer and entrepreneur (Image courtesy of Nikita Brown)

Jack graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration with honours (BCA(Hons)), majoring in in Marketing, and also a Masters in Commerce and Administration (MCA).

Hong Kong-born Jack started his first business while studying at Wellington’s Scots College so it was no surprise his entrepreneurial spirit continued to thrive in his university life.

"I knew I wanted to grow my business and since my father worked for himself, I could see how I would enjoy that lifestyle."

While working on his business and coming up with new ventures, Jack managed to complete a BCA (Hons), MCA and LLB.

"I never stopped working during my time at Victoria; when you’re in your 20s, you can do full-time work and full-time study," he says.

"I knew computers would play a part and I had an interest in bulletin boards -- I saw War Games, after all -- and my company was what we would call 'virtual' from the start, so you could say I carried all of that out."

Having an inkling that marketing would play an important role in his business career, Jack took it up as his major, surprising many people at the time.

"Being Chinese, whenever I told someone I was doing a commerce degree, the assumption was I was doing accounting."

Jack recalls having "some really great lecturers, some of whom I stay in touch with today", and says the most challenging part of being at Victoria was "finding a car park".

"Vic’s biggest contribution to me, probably, was introducing me to Reuter (no ‘s’ in those days), Textline and the World Wide Web, which I used for research.

"I imagine having an early introduction to these technologies made me far more aware of how to use electronic media when they mainstreamed in the 1990s."

After graduating, the energetic entrepreneur continued to build Lucire while also growing his successful consulting and font software businesses.

"I still love it so many years on. You could say I love life and I love what I created, so I never really want to walk away."

While his work involves a lot of administration, it also allows him to travel, write, take on speaking engagements and dream up new business strategies. At the same time, he finds time to provide thought leadership for global branding and marketing think tank the Medinge Group, and act as an ambassador for his businesses.