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Global opportunities

During your studies you’ll have the chance to develop a global perspective through Victoria’s international leadership and exchange programmes.

Overseas exchange

Victoria students have an exciting and an extensive range of exchange opportunities available to them through Victoria’s formal linkages with over 100 leading international universities. The University also provides financial support for exchange students.

Victoria International Leadership Programme

The Victoria International Leadership Programme offers students the chance to enhance their knowledge of, and actively engage with, other countries and cultures whilst developing valuable leadership skills.

Victoria has a wide-ranging commitment to international engagement. Put simply, we seek to bring the world to Victoria and Victoria to the world. The diversity of its students and academic staff is a vital aspect of Victoria’s global connectedness.

International connections

The University currently has students from over 100 countries, with over 20 percent of its students having been born outside New Zealand. It also consistently ranks amongst the world's most internationalised universities in terms of its academic staff, with approximately 50 percent originating from outside New Zealand.

The University actively encourages students to make international connections, through a range of programmes and activities designed to broaden the perspective of students from New Zealand, and to help international students feel at home here in Wellington.

Studying in Milan really changed my whole perspective.

Our students come from and travel all over the world. Meet our students.