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  • Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarships

    Closing Date: 01-05-2018

    In order to facilitate the ability to participate in these exchanges, the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce will grant scholarships to eligible students who have been approved for exchange to institutions of strategic importance to the University, and who meet the requirements of the selection panel. A current list of approved exchange partners can be obtained from the Faculty Office or from the Student Exchange Coordinator, Victoria International.

  • Victoria University of Wellington / VUW Diversity in Study Abroad Scholarship (USA)

    Closing Date: 01-05-2018

    Victoria believes that study abroad should be inclusive and is pleased to initiate this scholarship as part of a commitment to encouraging more students from diverse and under-represented backgrounds to study abroad. The recipients will be chosen based on their eligibility for the award and their motivations to study abroad.

  • Victoria University of Wellington / VUW IIE High Achiever Scholarship (USA)

    Closing Date: 01-05-2018

    The University wants to ensure that the educational opportunities on offer are accessible to all students. Through offering this scholarship support, the University acknowledges the value of the future academic achievements and contributions that these scholarship recipients will make, both to the University and to the wider community.

  • Cigna Actuarial Scholarship

    Closing Date: 31-05-2018

    The purpose of the award is to:
    * encourage potential and existing students of Victoria University to consider the actuarial profession as a career path, and as a consequence, the Actuarial Science major offered at Victoria University of Wellington.
    * give a successful candidate majoring in Actuarial Science an opportunity to work as a summer intern to gain valuable actuarial work experience and financial support for their next tuition year for a student progressing to postgraduate study.
    * promote Cigna as a Wellington-based employer of actuaries, providing health and wellbeing solutions to customers across NZ.

  • Nora Bateson Scholarship - VUW

    Closing Date: 31-05-2018

    The Scholarship is intended to encourage beginning practitioners to include some form of overseas study or experience of professional practice in their programme rather than to support work for a research degree.

  • Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarship

    Closing Date: 01-06-2018

    The purpose of the Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarship is to encourage high-achieving, well rounded Latin American international students to Victoria University of Wellington and to support them in their studies.


  • Victoria Hardship Fund Equity Grants

    Closing Date: 08-06-2018

    These grants are to encourage students who are facing financial hardship to continue in their studies at Victoria University.