Scholarship detail

Victoria University - Old Boys University Rugby Scholarship (Jack Jeffs Scholarship)


$15,000 per annum

Tenure of award:

Three years subject to the recipient making suitable academic progress as determined by the selection committee.

Closing dates for applications:

13 October, 2017

Number of awards offered:


History or background of award

Jack Jeffs was a stalwart of the Victoria University Rugby Club from the 1930’s when he represented the club as a player through to the late 1970’s. He was a key club administrator during that period and was elected a life member of the club in 1978. He was also a life member of the NZ Universities Rugby Council and its devoted secretary for over 20 years.  Jack was a hard working  accountant by profession and successful in business. For 6 years from 1972 he was the Secretary ( equivalent of CEO) of the NZ Rugby Union. He was a very generous man and passionate about rugby, many good causes including the value of a good education. He established the Jack Jeffs Charitable trust in 1986 to provide ongoing support to these causes and it has been supporting the Old Boys-University Rugby Club for many years- the trust established the Jack Jeffs Rugby Scholarship in 2017 to honour Jack’s memory and to provide support to a talented rugby player with academic talent and ambition.

This scholarship has been established to support students with both academic and rugby ability of any ethnicity or descent, of any gender, to study at Victoria University and play for its affiliated rugby club: Old Boys University Rugby Football Club.

Purpose of award

This scholarship is available to current Year 13 college students of any ethnicity, descent or gender, who have enrolled on an undergraduate degree at Victoria University of Wellington. The Scholarship is also available to students who were Year 13 students in 2016 and who have taken a genuine gap year in 2017.

Selection criteria

We are looking for an academically capable student who has an above average rugby ability, with the potential to play representative rugby at a senior level. The financial circumstances of applicants will be taken into consideration by the selection committee.

How do students apply?

Applications are made on the application form available on the website.
Application Form

Additional information

$15,000 per annum which can be paid towards fees, accommodation or living costs with the final allocation to be agreed by the selection committee depending on recipient’s individual circumstances.

Decision makers

A selection committee appointed by the Victoria University Foundation Trust Board comprising representatives of the Foundation Trust Board , the Old Boys-University Rugby Football Club, a trustee of the Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust and Victoria Recreation

How and when do students learn of the decision?

The successful candidate will be notified by the Scholarships Office as soon as practicable after 30 September 2017

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

• Scholarship recipients are required to become a registered player for the Old Boys University Rugby Football Club (OBURFC) and remain registered for the duration of the scholarship. They must also, barring injury or academic commitments such as examinations, remain available for selection for OBURFC for the entire duration of the rugby season.
• Scholarship recipients must enrol in and undertake a course of study that has a minimum of 105 course points for each year of the scholarship- in special circumstances at the discretion of the selection committee a lesser minimum course of study may be agreed with scholarship recipients. The value of the scholarship may be varied by the selection committee in such instances.
• Scholarship recipients may hold other scholarships concurrently with this scholarship apart from any other Victoria Sports scholarship or any other full fee paying awards
• The selection committee may at any time at its entire discretion suspend or terminate a scholarship, or require the forfeiture any proportion of the value of the scholarship as it may determine, if the scholarship recipient is not diligently pursuing their programme of study and is not making satisfactory progress, has violated the University Statute on Conduct, or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the scholarship was awarded.
• Recipients are required to participate in the OBURFC rugby academy programme unless they receive a dispensation from the selection panel to participate instead in the Wellington Rugby Union or Hurricanes academy. Such dispensations will not be unreasonably or unfairly withheld and the overall best interests of each scholarship recipient must be paramount.
• Scholarship recipients must promote OBURFC, the OBURFC academy and Victoria University within the community and among their peers throughout the duration of the scholarship.
• If a scholarship recipient becomes a contracted player to NZ Rugby, any Super competition franchise team or a provincial union during the tenure of the scholarship, the value of the scholarship will be subject to review at the entire discretion of the scholarship selection panel.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Position: The Scholarships Office
Organisation: Victoria University of Wellington
Address: PO Box 600 Wellington 6140 New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 463 5557