Scholarship detail

Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship


Approximately $12,000, subject to funds available.

Tenure of award:

One year.

Closing dates for applications:

31 March 2019

Number of awards offered:

One annually.

History or background of award

The Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship (the "Scholarship") was established in 2013, via the Victoria University Foundation, through a bequest made by John Drake, in memory of his wife, Therle. The scholarship will be available annually.

Purpose of award

The scholarship is for postgraduate classical performance overseas study and application should be made in the year for which the project is planned . While the terms of the bequest are that preference be given to a piano student, other applicants will be considered.

The scholarship is open to both domestic and international students.

Selection criteria

The project will normally involve the student attending a short course (up to four weeks), or attending and/or participating in concerts and/or masterclasses in Europe, North America or Australia. The project should be complementary to the current postgraduate course of study at the NZSM and create minimal disruption to any structured course work.

How do students apply?

Applicants should provide the following supporting documentation;
- A letter outlining the project and its benefit to your career plans.
- A detailed budget.
- Copies of any communication with the host person(s) or organisation(s) overseas.
- A supporting statement from an academic.
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Decision makers

The successful applicant will be selected by a panel consisting of members of the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships Committee

How and when do students learn of the decision?

This scholarship is open to NZ citizens, permanent residents and international students. The scholarship may be held in conjunction with other awards.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

The Victoria University Foundation requires the scholarship recipient to write a letter of thanks to the donor's representative.

Who else has information about this award?

New Zealand School of Music.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Position: The Scholarships Office
Organisation: Victoria University of Wellington
Address: PO Box 600 Wellington 6140 New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 463 5557