Scholarship detail

Rewi Alley Scholarship in Chinese Studies



Tenure of award:

1 year.

Closing dates for applications:

31 October 2019
31 October 2021
Applications closed 31 October. Offered in alternate (odd - 2011/13/15..) years .

Number of awards offered:

1 biennially

History or background of award

The Rewi Alley Scholarship in Chinese Studies was established by the Rewi Alley National Committee to mark the occasion of Rewi Alley's birthday and in recognition of his humanitarian and literary work in China over more than 50 years.

Purpose of award

To encourage study and research on China, preferably in New Zealand.

Selection criteria

The Scholarship is tenable at a university or other institution in New Zealand approved for the purpose, or, with the consent of the Selection Panel, without formal enrolment at any institution. Where appropriate facilities are not available in New Zealand, the Scholarship may be offered towards study undertaken abroad.
The Scholarship is open to persons who are New Zealand citizens, or who are permanent residents of New Zealand, for study on any aspect of life in China.

How do students apply?

Applications for the Scholarship must be submitted on the current application form to the Scholarships Office, University of Waikato, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton, by 31 October in alternate (even) years, i.e. 2014...

Additional information

When submitting your application, you should attach a written statement on what your future aims are, how your studies are relevant to life in China, and what you would use the funds for if the Scholarship were awarded to you.

Decision makers

The award of the Scholarship shall be made by the Scholarships Committee of the University of Waikato on the recommendation of a Selection Panel established for the purpose by the New Zealand Asian Studies Society.

How and when do students learn of the decision?

Applicants will be advised in writing.

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

Candidates should also attach two academic referee reports in support of their application.

Who else has information about this award?

University and School Scholarship Officers in New Zealand.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Position: Scholarships Office
Organisation: University of Waikato
Address: Private Bag 3105
Hamilton 3240
Phone: +64 7 838 4489