Postgraduate certificates and diplomas

Explore the dozens of postgraduate certificates and diplomas Victoria offers, spanning a range of subjects.

Postgraduate certificates

Postgraduate certificates are designed to widen and deepen your knowledge and skills at postgraduate level through both taught courses and directed inquiry. They are a pathway to other postgraduate study options and can also provide professional development options within your area of interest. Postgraduate certificates can typically be completed in six months full time or up to two years part time.

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Postgraduate diplomas

Postgraduate diplomas provide an alternative to Honours for graduates who wish to extend their knowledge and expertise in a subject area at postgraduate level but who don’t necessarily want to direct their careers towards research. They are usually 120 points and take one year full time or up to four years part time to complete. Some may allow direct entry into a Master’s degree.

There are some postgraduate diplomas are only available for post-experience students.

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