Flexible study

Take advantage of our flexible study—choose a conjoint or double degree, or a double major. We also offer pathway options, distance and short courses.

No matter what your situation, we offer a range of flexible study options, so you can build a programme that fits in with your day-to-day life and career aspirations.

Conjoint degrees

A conjoint degree is an intense programme that lets you do fewer courses, so you can complete two three-year degrees more quickly—usually within four years of full-time study.

Any two Bachelor’s degrees can be studied together as a conjoint. It’s important to start both degrees in your first year and have a balance of required courses and other courses you’d like to try for each degree.

Conjoint degrees take less time than a double degree and require a good level of academic progress to stay in the programme—you’ll need at least a B minus grade average each year.

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain this average, we’ll encourage you to finish one degree first—with our flexible degree options you should be able to fit all your subject choices into one degree. You can then choose to carry on with your second degree.

Further study

You can also look at a fourth year of study in Honours or a graduate diploma, or bridging options into a different area of postgraduate study.

Double degrees

A double degree is studying for two degrees, whether at the same time or one after the other.

As you’ll study each degree in more depth, you can only cross-credit about 120 points of your double degree. It may be necessary to do more courses on top of this—so it’s likely to take longer to complete than a conjoint degree.

Double majors

A major usually takes up less than half of the degree, so you may choose to do a double major and focus on two different subjects. This doesn’t increase the workload or make the degree take longer—you still complete 360 points worth of courses.

Choosing two majors in your first-year is a good way to keep your study options open and flexible. You can continue with your double major in second-year, or you can change and focus on just one subject with the other as a minor.

Second major

With some of our degrees you can take a second major from a different degree—for example, you can do a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with a double major in Physics and German.


A minor is an optional part of a degree, made up of a collection of courses in a particular subject. The workload for a minor is lighter than for a major—fewer courses to do, fewer points required. This makes a minor a good way to build a second or third area of focus or concentration into your degree.

All majors can be also be taken as a minor. You might also be able to study majors from other Victoria undergraduate degrees as a minor—for example, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Geography, and a minor in Environmental Studies.

Some subjects are not available as majors, but you can take them as a minor. Other subjects have special requirements and course options as minors.

Explore the minors in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Communications, Bachelor of Health, Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Science.

Pre-degree programmes

You may not be ready to start your degree straight away. We offer pathway programmes that are designed to prepare you for degree-level study.

Part-time study

Most degrees or programmes can be studied part-time. This usually means taking fewer courses per trimester.

Distance learning

We have a limited number of courses that you can study by distance. Some are taught online using Blackboard and some are only taught in one of the three trimesters.

Use the course finder to check what distance courses are available.

Short courses

If you’re interested in a short course, rather than a longer programme of study, the Centre for Lifelong Learning has a range of options in Continuing Education and Professional and Executive Development.

Business courses

If you have over five years of professional work experience then you might be eligible for professional programmes offered by Victoria Business School.

These options enable students to study at a higher level and work towards postgraduate qualifications. They are usually run in the evenings or offered in modules making it easy for you to juggle full-time work and study.