Victoria Engineering student, Gina, standing on a hill at the West Wind farm in Makara, Wellington.

Renewable energy

The world needs cleaner and more sustainable energy options. Victoria offers a range of study options to gain skills in renewable energy systems.

As the world’s energy demands increase, we can no longer ignore the rapid depletion of traditional energy sources and the negative impact fossil fuels have on the environment.

Finding renewable energy solutions is a complex issue that requires a multidisciplinary approach. Victoria can give you the skills you need in this field by offering a range of disciplines—business, engineering, policy and science.

Power your future

There is a growing demand for renewable energy engineers and scientists who can work with communities and industry, lead projects, make recommendations, and design, build and implement clean energy solutions.

You could work in a range of organisations, including energy companies, Māori and Pacific community-based entities, and local or national government departments.

Why Victoria

At Victoria we bring together world-leading expertise across business, engineering, policy and science—ensuring our graduates have the breadth of skills necessary to make a difference, and solve real-world problems.

We are committed to helping New Zealand and the world develop a sustainable and resilient future, and being a leader in sustainable practices.

Located in New Zealand’s capital city, Victoria’s campuses are amongst key scientific and research organisations, business, government, embassies and non-governmental organisations. You’ll be in an ideal environment to learn about renewable energy—right at the heart of where policy is set and innovation takes place.

Renewable energy study options

The needs of the renewable energy sector are broad and so are the study options we offer at Victoria.

Bachelor of Science

If you see yourself contributing to policy-making and decision-making, and working with the social, environmental and economic factors to make renewable energy recommendations, consider the Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Studies.

In your first year, you can take ENGR 111: Introduction to Renewable Energy in Trimester Two, 2018.

By taking courses across the spectrum of scientific, business, cultural and community considerations, you’ll gain technical knowledge and be well placed to make a difference to the world around you.

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

If you’re passionate about designing and building the next generation of renewable energy solutions, apply for the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and choose the Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering major.

Graduates will gain sector-specific expertise in the generation, conversion, storage and utilisation of renewable energy, and the technical and social expertise to plan, design, build and implement solutions.

To find out more

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