Send your documentation

To complete your enrolment, you may need to provide documentation like your proof of identity and academic record.

Documents you must supply

To finalise your enrolment, you need to supply us with certified copies of certain documents. Uncertified copies of documents cannot be accepted.

It is important you send these as soon as you complete your online application.

Send your certified documents to

Enrolments office
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140

Alternatively, you can email your certified documents to

Proof of identity

You must send us a certified copy of your:

  • birth certificate or
  • passport.

If the name on your application does not match the name on your birth certificate or passport you must also send us a certified copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll to match the name you used on your application.

Proof of citizenship or residency

If you were not born in New Zealand and you do not have a New Zealand passport, you must also send us a certified copy of your:

  • certificate of citizenship or
  • evidence of residency or permanent residency.

Check the Admission and Enrolment Statute for eligibility to study as a domestic student.

Previous academic records

If you have applied for admission based on qualification assessment you need to supply official transcripts of your previous study. We do not accept provisional results.

Certified copies

If you are asked to provide documents for proof of identity, eligibility or prior academic records, you must submit a certified copy of the document.

Documents can be provided in either:

  • hardcopy
  • as a high quality digital document in PDF format (i.e. scanned or photographed).

A certified copy must include a stamp/endorsement. The certifying statement must be clear and legible, and must be completed for each page of the documents submitted. Each page must be correctly witnessed and be stamped with full name, title, signature and dated.

You have a range of options—both on and off campus—where you can get your documents certified:

  1. On campus by a university staff member (e.g. enrolments/admissions, faculties/schools, student recruitment, PhD Admissions Office, Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research and Victoria International) who has sighted the original document
  2. Off campus by an approved person or agency who has sighted the original document.
    1. Within New Zealand, a copy of a document can be certified by:
      • — the institution that originally issued it
      • — a solicitor
      • — a notary public
      • — a Justice of the Peace
      • — your school principal, if you are a secondary school student
      • — contracted international education agencies.
    2. Outside of New Zealand, acceptable authorities include:
      • — consular officials of an embassy/high commission
      • — government/municipal officials with the legal right to take official declarations
      • — notary service with the legal right to take official declarations or with an official apostille stamp
      • — an officer of the court with the legal right to take official declarations
      • — a Justice of the Peace with the legal right to take official declarations
      • — the academic institution who awarded the qualification
      • — contracted international education agencies.

Do not send us original documents through the post. We cannot return them to you.

We don’t accept documents that have been certified by:

  • Work and Income
  • doctors, pharmacists, or dentists
  • your school’s careers adviser or your dean.

A document that is photocopied, downloaded from the internet, or faxed will not be accepted and you will be asked to resubmit the documentation required.

Non-English documents

If the original is not in English, a certified translation must also be provided, contact NZTC International—The Translation Centre.