Reporting sexually harmful behaviours

Victoria University of Wellington strives to provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment free from all forms of sexually harmful behaviours.

Sexual harm, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, refers to any form of unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favours, and any other unwanted behaviour that is sexual in nature. It can be verbal, visual or physical.

The University provides training in responding to a disclosure to key staff and to staff of Halls of Residence. Our Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group also supports campaigns aimed at preventing sexually harmful behaviours and promoting safe and respectful relationships within our University community.

At the point of disclosure, our primary concern is to ensure the safety of the student making the report. We will actively support a student who has experienced sexual harm by:

  • Responding to disclosures in a trauma informed manner, with respect and empathy for the student
  • Providing information on possible processes and support options
  • Facilitating access to relevant counselling and medical support services,
  • If requested, we can also facilitate connections to Police or other relevant external agencies.

The Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team is the central point within the University for students to report or disclose sexually harmful behaviours. Our team are trained in responding to disclosures, assessing risk, and using a trauma informed approach.