Making an insurance claim

Make a claim on your Studentsafe Inbound University policy.

If you’re on the Studentsafe Inbound University policy, you might need to make a claim if you’ve:

  • lost money after travel plans were disrupted
  • had something stolen from you or broken in an accident
  • had medical treatment.

Doctor’s appointments at Student Health are invoiced directly, so you don’t need to pay anything upfront, and you won’t have to make a claim.

See the full policy wording for details of everything that’s covered.

Making a claim

Download and fill in the claim form, sign it and post it to the address on the form along with any receipts or invoices. Keep a copy of your receipts and invoices for your own records.

You can also pick up a claim form from Victoria International.


An excess is the amount of the insurance claim that you have to pay.

Under Studentsafe Inbound University insurance, you’ll pay:

  • $200 excess on all personal property claims
  • no excess on medical claims.

For example: Your $500 smartphone is stolen and Studentsafe approves your claim. You will have to pay $200, and Studentsafe Inbound University insurance will pay the balance of $300.

If the amount you’re claiming is less than the excess, you won’t receive any money.

For help, contact Victoria International.