Transcripts and Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion and Academic Transcripts are official academic records of your study and achievements at University. Find out how to get yours.

You might need to provide your Academic Transcript, Certificate of Completion or Qualification Certificate when applying for a job, scholarship or to attend another educational institute.

Academic Transcript

An Academic Transcript is the official record of your study at Victoria University.

It records:

  • your legal name
  • your Victoria Student ID number
  • entrance qualification, eg. NCEA, Bursary, Special Admission
  • your results from Victoria courses, listed chronologically
  • the status of your qualification, ie. whether your degree is sought, completed or granted
  • your awards and scholarships (check with your Faculty to ensure these are recorded correctly)
  • other comments relating to academic information.

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion states that you have completed your qualification and lists your majors.

This Certificate is only available in the time between completing the requirements for your qualification and having it conferred at graduation.

Application process

The application process for ordering an Academic Transcript or Certificate of Completion is the same.

Your application won’t be processed if you have any outstanding fees or fines owing to the University, including library fines.


The processing time is usually 10 working days from when your application is received. There may be additional delays at busy times, such as the ends of trimesters, or when records are historically held.


Each time you apply, your first transcript or certificate will cost $20 and additional copies $10 each.

Available payment methods:

  • Eftpos, paid in person at the Faculty office.
  • Visa or Mastercard.


Your records can be delivered at an additional cost or you can pick them up in person from your Faculty office.

Untracked postage:

  • $2.40 within New Zealand
  • $3.30 Australia and South Pacific
  • $4.70 rest of the world.

Postage for a tracked courier item will cost $7.50 within New Zealand. For international courier costs, check with your Faculty.

How to order

Your Academic Transcript or Certificate of Completion order will be processed through your Faculty.

Select your Faculty below to download a .pdf of the order form.

Fill in the order form, attach payment information and send this to your Faculty using the contact information provided at the bottom of the form.

Wellington College of Education

If you attended the Wellington College of Education prior to 2005, you can apply for copies of your Academic Transcript or letter of confirmation by downloading the Faculty of Education form above.

These will be verified copies of the record held on file.