Athlete support

Victoria University is committed to supporting its students competing in sports at a high level while they are studying.

As a committed member of the Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network, staff at Victoria University will help all student athletes balance the many challenges they face when juggling study and sport commitments.

If you are an athlete competing at a national or international level, complete our Athlete support form and we'll be in touch to discuss the support available that suits you.

Athlete-friendly accommodation

As a part of Victoria University of Wellington's commitment to athletes, from 2019 we will be offering exclusive athlete friendly accommodation options at two of our halls of residence.

Register your interest by contacting the Victoria Recreation team.

Individual sponsorship

Student athletes who are dealing with high costs relating to training, equipment or attendance at tournaments or events, may be eligible to apply for sponsorship from the University.

Find out more about funding and sponsorship.

Athlete training grant

Student athletes at Victoria University are encouraged to apply for an  Athlete Training Grant with Victoria Recreation.

An Athlete Training Grant provides student athletes with free access to facilities and equipment on campus, as well as a dedicated fitness professional to help them stay on track and achieve their training goals.

To be eligible for an Athlete Training Grant, students must meet the following criteria;

  • Must be studying full time at Victoria University of Wellington;
  • Must be competing at a Regional or National level and;
  • Must complete the application process in full.

Applications for Trimester 1 close 25 March with a second round of grants being awarded in Trimester 2. A limited number are granted across the year.

For more information or to apply, please contact Matt Higgins.

OBU Rugby Academy

Victoria University partners with the OBU Rugby Club to deliver the OBU Rugby Academy. The academy is an intensive development programme for OBU players helping them to fulfill their potential and transition into representative rugby.

For more information contact

Blues Awards

The University Blues Award is one of New Zealand’s most prestigious and long-standing awards that recognises a university student’s performance in representing their region and/or New Zealand at the pinnacle of their sport whilst successfully progressing their academic studies.

To understand more about this award, contact