Victoria Abroad

Complete part of your degree overseas, while paying your normal Victoria tuition fees, through Victoria Abroad.

Whether you’re learning another language or have only your mother tongue, Victoria Abroad has more than 100 partner institutions at some of the most prestigious universities world wide. Stretching across five continents, Victoria Abroad allows students to study in dozens of unique locations, from Hong Kong to the UK, Argentina or Mexico to the US to Spain, Germany and many more.

Explore our partner universities

Some of our partner universities teach in a second language, but over half teach completely in English or offer courses in English (you will see any language requirements noted on this website). Although Victoria Abroad is perfect for those of you studying internationally focused degrees, it is also relevant for all fields of study.

Check out where you could be studying for your degree by selecting your faculty from the Victoria Abroad website.

Financing your trip

All exchange students receive a grant to help finance their trip, and you are still eligible for StudyLink loans and allowances. Why wait to travel until after you have finished your degree? Get out of your comfort zone and learn where in the world you could be studying.

Applying for an overseas exchange

To be considered for an overseas exchange:

  • You must be academically sound and must have a minimum ‘B’ average across their Victoria University of Wellington academic history and maintain this average up until the commencement of exchange.
  • You must also have completed at least 120 points or a full-time year of study immediately before commencing their exchange.
  • If you are completing a Bachelor’s degree, you must have completed a full year of study before commencing an exchange, but are able to apply at any time.

International students are eligible to apply, but may not take part in an exchange in their home country.

Application deadlines

Victoria trimesterApplication deadlines
Trimester 1 (2018)10 July 2017
Trimester 2 (2018)1 December 2017

Missed the Victoria Abroad application deadline?

If you miss the Victoria Abroad application deadline, don’t despair. Contact the Victoria Abroad staff as you may be able to submit a late application. There may not be places still available at your proposed host universities, so you may need to be flexible with your exchange plans.

Some host universities have a yearly intake only and will require you to apply by 1 December for exchange during Trimester 2 or Trimester 1 the following year. Check the notes under your chosen universities to see if this applies to you.

Want more?

You can find out more about the programme by coming to a Victoria Abroad information session, offered every Wednesday during term time at 12.50pm at Victoria International, Level 2, Easterfield Building, Kelburn Campus. You can also learn more about the programme by visiting the Victoria Abroad website.