Programmes and workshops

Personal development and wellbeing programmes and workshops are available to help you improve your health and wellbeing while studying at University.

Check out the free groups programmes and workshops available throughout the year—classes, one-off workshops, workshop series and peer support programmes. Registration is available through CareerHub or by clicking the register button on one of the events below.

Weekly meditation class

There are some questions that even google can't answer. Discover how to tap into your inner peace and meet challenges with ease and clarity.

Workshop series

Workshops range from between one and five sessions. It is preferable for you to attend all sessions to get maximum benefit.

Mindfulness and grounding

Don’t act on autopilot! Learn how to keep your focus and engagement in the present, rather than acting on “autopilot”.

(6 sessions for selected dates, you may sign up for individual classes if you prefer)

Speak up!

Ever feel like people aren’t valuing you highly enough? Learn how to get clear about what you want and need, and how to become brave enough to ask for it.

Presenting confidently

Conquer the fear of public speaking! Build strategies and skills to help you speak in front of others, from tutorial participation to presentations.

Stop procrastinating

Do you fall into the trap of leaving assessments until too late? A discussion around tools to combat procrastination, and ordering your life to make your study more effective.

Sleep—the basics

Are your nights for overthinking and your mornings for oversleeping? Learn proven strategies to improve your sleep and reduce sleeping difficulties.

Bodysense—body focused nutrition for women

Learn to be more relaxed with food. A workshop for women wanting to learn more about food, health and nutrition.

Managing anxiety

The struggle you are having today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Learn how to reduce and manage anxiety using simple and effective strategies.


Life is tough. But so are you. A fortnightly forum for students sharing an understanding of what it is like to love someone who is unwell or is struggling with alcohol and drug issues.

Contact Student Counselling for more information.

Wisemind group

Find your balance between rational and emotional. Focus on learning practical skills to help regulate emotions, tolerate distress, improve interpersonal relationships and become more mindful.

Participants need to be referred by Student Health or Student Counselling.