Inter-campus bus passes

If you’re travelling between campuses on the same day, you may be eligible for a free bus pass.

Victoria University Students' Association (VUWSA) provides free bus passes to students travelling between campuses. These are available from VUWSA's Kelburn and Pipitea locations. All current students are entitled to a free bus pass, providing they meet the requirements.

Undergraduate students—how to apply

Each trimester when you apply at a VUWSA office you’ll need to complete an application form and present:

  • your myAllocator timetable showing what classes and tutorials you’re doing, at which campus and on what days
  • your student ID.

To obtain more passes during a trimester you’ll need to bring your student ID to one of the two VUWSA locations. VUWSA will check if you are eligible for more bus passes.

Postgraduate students—how to apply

You need to complete an application form and show VUWSA a letter from your supervisor.

The letter from you supervisor must:

  • be on Victoria University letterhead
  • state your full name
  • state that you require bus passes to travel between campuses for your research
  • be signed by your supervisor with their name typed underneath
  • be dated.

VUWSA requests that you bring your student ID with the above completed letter when you apply for your bus passes.