Sponsorship and funding

Clubs, societies and individuals can apply for sponsorship funding to assist with one-off events and activities that are organised for students.

A small part of the student services levy is reserved each year to support selected student initiatives, which help students to develop skills in leadership, communication and critical and creative thinking.

The Victoria University Sponsorship Committee makes the final decision. This is a group of students and staff of Victoria University.

Student groups and clubs, as well as individuals who fit the criteria, are welcome to make sponsorship applications. Get your application in early to avoid disappointment.


All clubs and groups must be registered with Victoria University to be eligible for sponsorship. Check with the clubs manager if you meet the criteria.

If you have a project or event and need advice with your application, email the clubs manager at studentsponsorship@vuw.ac.nz.

Clubs must attach a full budget, quotes and state their current membership. All individuals application must be a current or part-time student at Victoria University in this academic year. Individuals can only apply once per year.

Club funding applications

All applications will need to be reviewed and checked by the Victoria Clubs manager to ensure they are completed as required and that any club applying is registered as a Victoria student club. It is imperative all applications are filled in correctly.

Criteria include:

  • Requests must be specific and be supported by budgets or quotes attached.
  • Complete up to date student member list and student id numbers (not a Facebook print off).
  • An official copy of invitation/letter of event.
  • They must demonstrate how they will support the university’s student attributes and/or how they will benefit the students.
  • Day-to-day operating costs cannot be funded—you must be hosting an event.
  • Alcohol will not be funded.
  • When Victoria is a major sponsor, an official sponsorship agreement is required. A template will be provided.
  • Bank deposit slip and copy of bank statement must accompany all applications.

If groups would like to request sponsorship for more than one event or activity throughout the year, it is preferred that all requests are packaged as one proposal.

Conditions for hosting an event

The majority of grants go to clubs that need financing for a particular event. These are the conditions:

  • A detailed costing must be supplied, complete with quotes and proof that serious efforts have been made to raise month from other quarters. Remember to show income for the event as well as expenditure.
  • Don’t be afraid to show a profit! It may be the club’s major fundraiser for the year that will do towards achieving annual goals. Or a one off event that will be used to raise money for a specific purpose.
  • Proof that the event will benefit club members. The more students who benefit from the event, the more likely it is to receive a grant. Remember to tie it into your club goals and objectives.
  • Proof the club has been keeping accurate financial records and is being well managed.

What we consider when making funding decisions

Maximum benefit to maximum student members

A high percentage of club members benefit from the grant directly or indirectly, for example whether it will assist in the formation, expansion or advancement of the club.

Proactive fundraising

The club actively seeks funds from other sources, including collecting all members’ subscriptions (the Clubs Manager is available for clubs seeking advice on other fundraising options).

Financial accountability

The club’s past record of financial management and responsibility is an important factor in determining their sustainability for a grant.

Degree of club organisation

The club is active in the student community and makes an effort to seek out new student members

Participation in VUWSA and Victoria Clubs

It is important that clubs take an active role in the governance of this area. Due consideration will be given to clubs that regularly and positively attend meetings and reporting requirements.

Individual funding

Victoria students who are selected at a national or international level and fit the criteria are welcome to apply for sponsorship. Clubs can help their members by ensuring they are aware of the opportunity, and by providing a letter or support.

In the Victoria Clubs Individual Funding Pack, the criteria and guidelines are outlined for individual funding. Try to have your application in 8 weeks prior to your event as funding is not given retrospectively. Individuals can only apply once per year.

Speak with the clubs manager if you require assistance, email studentsponsorship@vuw.ac.nz.

This funding is not for academic conferences in regards to students completing their studies for PhD or research. Refer to the Research Office or your faculty directly for travel grants.