Wellington Community Justice Project (Law)

The Wellington Community Justice Project is a dynamic body of student volunteers that aims to improve access to legal services in the wider community.

The Wellington Community Justice Project was started by law students at Victoria University of Wellington with the aim of improving access to legal services in the wider community. It does so by working with various existing organisations which share similar goals, including the Wellington Community Law Centre, the Human Rights Commission, the Restorative Justice Trust and so on. The Project also acts to ensure that areas of society that may be overlooked by the current system are addressed by exploring new avenues of community work.

In addition to this, the Project presents an avenue for Victoria University's law students to gain practical legal experience as they serve their community. Students are able to volunteer to work in one of four different areas: advocacy, education, law reform and human rights. Each area allows for different opportunities and learning experiences, but all have a real and genuine impact for those in need.

After successfully launching in March 2010, the Project has been overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm of not just Victoria's students, but also the University itself, the Faculty of Law, the various organisations it works with and other members of the legal profession. In 2011 the Project became a registered Incorporated Society, and was awarded charity status in 2012.

Email: studentdirector@wcjp.com

Website: http://www.wellingtoncjp.com