Vic Commerce

The Victoria University of Wellington Commerce Students’ Society (VicCom) is the representative body for Victoria Business School students.

It is one of the University’s largest student organisations and includes both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

VicCom was created to enhance and assist in the experience of commerce students at Victoria University. To achieve this, we have five main focuses:

  1. Education: to complement and enrich our members’ learning, to promote an atmosphere of achievement, and to identify and assist those who are in need of specific assistance.
  2. Career development: to facilitate the provision of advice and information of commerce areas of study at Victoria University and provide information in order to aid in the progression to a commerce-based career.
  3. Social interaction: to create an environment of camaraderie within the Faculty of Commerce and to promote the interaction of students, faculty and professionals in both industry and the business community.
  4. Representation: to work with the Faculty of Commerce in providing quality and equity in assessment, teaching, conditions and course access.
  5. Promoting an image: to promote the image of commerce in the eyes of current commerce students, potential commerce students, other members of the university and society in general.