AIESEC Victoria

We offer intense practical experience in many areas to complement your degree and career plans, while helping you to build up a network of global contacts.

AIESEC Victoria is part of an international youth-led organisation that is established in over 2400 universities across the world. The vision of AIESEC is to change the world by activating the leadership potential in youth. The world is defined by the people who live in it – so AIESEC believes that the fundamental solution to many of the world’s problems is to develop responsible young leaders. We do this by facilitating a network of cross-cultural volunteering experiences, which enable young people to not only take part in meaningful projects overseas but also to immerse themselves in other cultures. 

Alongside our local membership program that facilitates the delivery of these experiences, we offer an overseas volunteer programme known as Global Volunteer. This is a 6–12 week experience where you take part in a project that contributes towards one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in one of the 126 countries and territories that we are established in. Whilst helping to instigate positive social change in the country of your choice, you will also gain skills and competencies that will enable you to become a successful leader later in life.

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