Student Health

Your primary health provider on campus

Why you should enrol with us

  • SHS became part of Primary Health Services (PHO) effective 1st October 2005. SHS receives government funds to provide primary health care for an ‘enrolled’ student population.

  • Enrolment means that you sign on to “belong” to the practice – SHS – and you expect SHS to provide your health care while you are at Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Enrolling with us while you are at University will help fund SHS, so that we will be there when you need us.

  • Enrolling with us will help us fund services that may benefit you indirectly, such as health promotion services, keeping the campus a safe and healthy environment etc. 

  • If you enrol with SHS, you can still go to your family doctor when you are at home during the holidays, or you can go to any other General Practice.  You would be treated as a casual patient at their practice, and there may be a higher fee for their services.

It is your choice:

  • Students who decline to enrol can still access the SHS, but SHS will not receive a capitation fee for them from the government.

  • If you usually attend another doctor here in Wellington, and prefer to continue doing so, we would suggest you don’t enrol with SHS. You will, however, still be able to use SHS if you need to, but only as a ‘casual’ patient.

  • You do have a choice as to where you seek your medical care, but we urge you not to keep changing GPs. 

We do believe continuity of care is important for your best health care.  We encourage you to enrol with us, as you may need to seek health care while you are at Victoria University of Wellington.