Online booking Terms and Conditions

  • This online booking trial is only for appointments at Kelburn
  • You can only have one appointment per week at Student Learning. If you make more than one appointment per week, we reserve the right to cancel your subsequent appointment(s)
  • Please print your work and bring it with you to your appointment

Our policy – what we do and don't do

What we do

  • guide students in particular skills and relate these skills to their own work
  • act as a "sounding board" for ideas on essays, seminars, etc.
  • suggest useful avenues of direction when students seem confused or bogged down
  • provide confidential support
  • help students gain confidence in the formal academic setting
  • help students learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

What we don't do

  • proofread essays
  • provide an editing service
  • do maths (or any) assignments
  • provide subject-specific information
  • assess work in any way.