Doctor and nurse appointments

Find out what kind of appointments we offer with our dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

Our doctors and nurses provide primary medical care as well as health education and promotion. We also offer acute health care, telephone triage, chronic condition and accident management, and health and wellbeing support.

Appointments for contraception including long-acting, removable contraception advice and fitting, sexual health checks, travel consultations, minor operations (such as mole removal and toenail resections) and preventative health care (such as immunisations) are also available.

Call +64 4 463 5308 or visit one of our clinic locations to arrange a time—you can book in at whichever location suits you best.

General consultations

You must make an appointment in advance to see a doctor or a nurse. Waiting times will vary throughout the year.

15 minutes are allocated for a standard appointment. If you have a complex issue or multiple issues to discuss, be sure to ask for a longer appointment when you make your booking.

Same-day appointments

We keep a number of spaces available for same-day, urgent appointments—but these are subject to availability on each given day.

If you are not in an emergency situation, but need to see a doctor urgently, call us on +64 4 463 5308 and a nurse will walk you through the next steps to take.

For an emergency that is happening right now, dial 111, and 8888 on campus.

For after-hours medical attention visit Wellington Accident and Urgent Medical Centre—they're located at 17 Adelaide Road, Newtown, phone +64 4 384 4944.

Sexual violence

If you have experienced any type of sexual violence, we have three specialised doctors working at Student Health who can help support and advise you.

If you need immediate care, you should contact the local sexual assault clinic via +64 4 499 7532 or get in touch with the New Zealand Police.

If you would like to access ongoing support, advice, or medical input, or would like to discuss a sexual assault that happened recently or a long time ago, please call and make an appointment with one of the following GPs who are all trained forensic medical examiners and work as part of the local sexual assault team: Dr Cathy Stephenson, Dr Rona Carroll, or Dr Dee Sills.

Outreach nurse appointments

Our outreach nurse provides health services specifically for Māori, Pasifika, Rainbow, and International students.

There are a number of different reasons why you might come and see an outreach nurse, ranging from general wellbeing advice to help with managing a long term condition. You don't need to be unwell to book an appointment.

Our outreach nurse provides:

  • care for accidents and injuries
  • sexual health checks and contraception
  • mental health support
  • support for long term conditions such as asthma, diabetes or eczema
  • lifestyle and wellbeing advice
  • immunisations.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday at the Kelburn campus and each standard appointment runs for 30 minutes. This service is free for domestic students and the cost may be covered by insurance for international students.

Our Outreach Nursing Team can also access the doctor appointments for you, which are 30 minutes in duration and are available on a Thursday morning. These appointments are free of charge for students registered with Student Health and the cost may be covered by insurance for international students.

If you require urgent medical care, or to make an appointment with the outreach nurse, please contact our reception on +64 4 463 5308. To discuss an appointment, contact our nurse directly.

For all professional staff who would like to make a referral, download the outreach nurse referral form and return via email to

Nikki Hector profile-picture photograph

Nikki Hector

Outreach Nurse Mauri Ora, Student Health, Student Services
Māori, Pasifika, Rainbow, and International students

  • Mon–Thurs between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm

Lifestyle and wellbeing consultations

Help improve your quality of life with guidance from the nurses at Student Health.

These appointments run for 30 minutes and are free for registered patients. This service includes:

  • alcohol support
  • asthma review and support
  • diabetes review and support
  • smoking cessation.

Travel consultations

We offer consultations for students with travel plans who need vaccinations, medication or advice from a doctor. These consultations take 30 minutes and charges apply. Make sure that you visit us at least 8 weeks prior to your trip.

Test results

We contact all patients about their test results following their appointment with a doctor or a nurse—even if the results are normal.

We recommend that you always find out the results of your medical tests. You can call our main reception desk to enquire about the status of your test results.


Let us know as early as possible if you need to cancel your appointment.

Appointments missed or cancelled less than 1 hour before the appointment time will incur a did not attend (DNA) fee. Leave us a message to cancel after hours.