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Victoria collaborates with health organisations, government agencies, and community groups—find out how you can work with us.

Community health and wellbeing is a complex issue, requiring research and leadership in various fields, including medicine and nursing, public policy, finance and economics, and creative expression.

To address this complexity, we bring together knowledge and expertise from around Victoria, with academics from:

  • School of Biological Sciences
  • Health Services Research Centre
  • Victoria Business School
  • Faculties of Education, and Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Ferrier Research Institute working with the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research.

Our multi-disciplinary approach, combined with our proximity to government, non-government and health agencies, gives Victoria the opportunity to make a real difference in the way health and wellbeing services are delivered and outcomes improved.

Vision to improve our health and healthcare system

The former Chair of the Improving health and wellbeing theme, Faculty of Health Dean Professor Gregor Coster discusses Victoria’s vision to improve our health and our health system.

Health and wellbeing is more than just an absence of illness and infirmity, encompassing ideas of social, cultural and spiritual wellbeing as well.

Professor Gregor Coster explains how Victoria’s researchers are working to achieve this vision of a life lived well in our communities by undertaking innovative research, teaching and public engagement.

By collaborating with government, decision-makers, district health boards, policy makers, local government and Māori and Pacific Island communities, Victoria is working to enhance our health system and improve New Zealanders’ long-term health and wellbeing.

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Victoria has researchers and experts in many areas, who work with a range of agencies and organisations to research new ideas and develop new initiatives.

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