Enriching National Culture Activity Fund Guidelines 2018

He Whenua Haumako - Enriching National Culture

Activity Fund Guidelines 2018

He Whenua Haumako calls for applications to the activity fund that supports the eight distinctiveness themes (“the central fund”).  This is a two-stage process with applications in the first instance being made to the Theme and the strongest proposals being forwarded to the central fund for consideration.


Applications must be related to the He Whenua Haumako/ENC theme and may be aligned to one or more other distinctiveness themes. In order to promote maximum impact for the funding, applications must be aligned with the objectives from Primary Strategy One of the Victoria University Strategic Plan 2015- 2019. In the Strategic Plan it is explicitly stated that the multidisciplinary themes are intended to provide a ‘distinctive academic emphasis’, underpinned by ‘excellent fundamental, disciplinary based research’. They are intended to ‘promote an outlook that goes beyond disciplinary, school, faculty and other traditional boundaries, and will frame Victoria’s distinctive teaching, research and public engagement endeavours. They will contribute to local, national and global challenges with a particular emphasis on Wellington, New Zealand, and the wider Asia-Pacific region’.

The Distinctiveness Themes will: make visible our research capabilities in areas that would enable us to be better connected to external stakeholders; develop inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches that would underpin larger scale research programmes valued from both scholarly and external stakeholder perspectives; and open up additional external funding opportunities. Within the context of the objectives, the projects that will be given priority are those that are innovative, multi-disciplinary, and will have long-term benefits for the University.  

Funding: The maximum amount that can be applied for is $20,000 per project. There is no need to aim for this as a target and the committee would welcome proposals for smaller sums. The funding period will be 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019.  

Eligibility: Funds will not be made available for normal operational activities.
All projects must have a leader who will be responsible for the management and reporting. The leader must be accessible for the duration of the project and be either: a permanent member of the University’s staff, or a staff member employed on a contract with terms of more than one year covering the entire period of the initiative funded.
Applications must comply with and are assessed according to the criteria below.  

Criteria for Grants from the Central Fund:  Projects should:  

  • Support the achievement of Primary Strategy One of the Victoria University Strategic Plan 2015-2019:  
  • Include plans to sustain and extend the initiative where appropriate (e.g., through applications for funding from external bodies) and/or disseminate results (e.g., through journal or conference publication); and
  • Clearly specify outcomes in terms of the goals against which the project is to be evaluated.

The fund is not for:   

“business as usual” activities

  • capital expenditure or infrastructure (capital expenditure is any item above $5000)
  • general running costs
  • literature reviews
  • salaries for on-going activity
  • computer related overheads, and
  • internal transfers, e.g. overhead costs or contributions to the costs of other parts of the University.

Assessment of proposals:

Decisions about which proposals to put forward to the central fund and which other proposals deserve support shall be made by the He Whenua Haumako/ENC Steering Committee.  

Activity Fund Application Distinctiveness Theme Grant 2018 (2 pages max plus budget breakdown)


Theme Lead(s):

Kate Hunter (He Whenua Haumako)

Project Leader and people involved:



Outcomes (including plans for further development and future funding applications)

Provisional Budget

Applications of 1-2 pages plus budget breakdown can be submitted to Debbie Levy at Deborah.levy@vuw.ac.nz by 5pm Monday 12 March 2018. The strongest 3-4 applications will be put forward to the central fund on 30 March.