Student Learning

PASS Signup

PASS Signup for trimester 1 2018 will open in the second week of trimester 1 (the week starting 5 March). Exact dates will be published when available early 2018.

How to PASS?

PASS stands for 'Peer Assisted Study Support', a programme run by Student Learning to provide you with an opportunity to meet other students, develop study skills and engage in 'active learning' in 100-level courses.

PASS study groups are led by students who have successfully passed the course. You meet for one hour a week, working together in groups to consolidate understanding, reinforce key concepts, and develop effective study strategies.

PASS groups help you gain extra skills and understanding. Students say, 'you know what to expect from the course', 'you can go over stuff you didn't understand in the lecture', 'discussing with others helps material sink in', and 'you can brainstorm for assignment and exams'.

How can PASS help you?

  • Research proves that studying with others can improve your grades.

  • Weekly study groups encourage 'active learning': working with others to discuss course material, practise problem solving, and develop study skills.

  • Talking about your subject can help you clarify your understanding in preparation for tutorials, assignments and exams.

  • Your study group Leader has successfully passed this course, but is not here to give you the answers. You learn best by helping/ teaching each other.

Students who attend PASS regularly (5 or more sessions during the trimester) have a 95% chance of passing the course.

PASS operates in a range of 100 and 200 level courses. For more information, check your course outlines.

Session times and 'sign-up' details are announced in the first week of lectures. For further information, ask your lecturer, or email