Student Learning

These workshops over 4 weeks are useful during any year of your study, particularly if you are a first year and come from other educational cultures and backgrounds. The purpose of these workshops is to give students critical thinking and study skills that can be directly applied to all course content and learning. The Pasifika learning adviser will demonstrate these skills to your current assessments and work with other students.

The workshops are run twice a week, Tuesdays at Pasifika Haos, 15 Mount Street, and Thursdays at Student Learning.

Note taking

This workshop identifies what note taking is and how you need to use it in your study. Also learn about the 'six best friends' of critical thinking and find out how to apply them in your academic work.

  Day Date Time
Trimester 1 Tuesday 8 March 12-12.50pm
Thursday 10 March 12-12.50pm
Trimester 2 Tuesday 19 July 12-12.50pm
Thursday 21 July 12-12.50pm
How to read effectively

This workshop will give you tips for for getting the most out of your academic readings. It will also make a clear parallel between how your reading strategies can strongly influenve and improve your writing.

  Day Date Time
Trimester 1 Tuesday 15 March 12-12.50pm
Thursday 17 March 12-12.50pm
Trimester 2 Tuesday 26 July 12-12.50pm
Thursday 28 July 12-12.50pm
Practical academic writing skills

In this workshop you will learn practical and critical thinking steps to hel you understand, plan, research, draft and edit your academic writing.

  Day Date Time
Trimester 1 Tuesday 22 March 12-12.50pm
Thursday 31 March 12-12.50pm
Trimester 2 Tuesday 2 August 12-12.50pm
Thursday 4 August 12-12.50pm

Open workshop

Come ready to ask about any study and critical thinking skills regarding time management, reading or writing, especially if you've missed out on any of the three previous workshops.

  Day Date Time
Trimester 1 Tuesday 5 April 12-12.50pm
Thursday 7 April 12-12.50pm
Trimester 2 Tuesday 9 August 12-12.50pm
Thursday 11 August 12-12.50pm
Exam preparation and coping with exams


  Day Date Time
Trimester 1 Tuesday 25 May 12-12.50pm
Thursday 1 June 12-12.50pm
Trimester 2 Tuesday 5 October 12-12.50pm
Thursday 12 October 12-12.50pm

For enquires, contact Student Learning by phone 04-463 5999 or by email