Student Learning

If you are finding an assignment difficult, or want to discuss your learning, one-to-one appointments are available at Student Learning. This tuition is confidential. These appointments are free to Victoria students and available all year when the University is open. Appointments are 50 minutes long. In order to get the appointment time you want, make your appointment a week to 10 days ahead.

Our Policy - What we do and don't do

We do...

  • guide students in particular skills and relate these skills to their own work

  • act as a "sounding board" for ideas on essays, seminars, etc

  • suggest useful avenues of direction when students seem confused or bogged down

  • provide confidential support

  • help students gain confidence in the formal academic setting

  • help students learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

We don't...

  • proofread essays

  • provide an editing service

  • do maths (or any) assignments

  • provide subject-specific information

  • assess work in any way.

How to Make an Appointment

Contact Student Learning by phone 04-463 5999 or by email, or visit our office to make an appointment. When you come to the appointment, bring any relevant material with you — your essay topic, essay draft, past work that you wish to talk about, any work that you have done surrounding your problem, etc.

For enquires, contact Student Learning.